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South Texas Alligator Hunting
Alligator American Texas gator

 Join us for a hunt you won’t soon forget! Nestled next to the Brazoria National Wildlife Refuge, our seclusive piece of property is prime real estate for your next quality alligator hunt! With 12 miles of bayou frontage, over 500 acres of water on property and bayou drainage ditches that intertwine throughout the entire property, We have an average of greater than 7 ft alligator, with 12 Ft gators having been taken before! When you’re not chasing your prehistoric beast, kick you feet up and enjoy yourself in our lodge, located on the property! Our alligator season runs September 10th-30th. With such a short time frame, being successful starts early! We scout our property from early spring, thru the end of season, daily! Being in a CORE County, we only have a 20 day season. Spots fill fast, let us get it done for you! When you call, we want to know who we’re hunting with, so give us an opportunity to learn what if any accommodations we might be able to make for you!
All hunts will be concluded by 2 p.m. daily. September can be a brutally hot month. We want to insure that you’re getting the best experience possible, and part of our way to provide that, is by taking unnecessary pressure off the animals. Just as when you get hot, and want a cold drink and to sit in the shade, alligators are the same way. Being mainly nocturnal and only needing to eat once or twice a week to maintain a healthy diet, sometimes hunting can get stale and tough, especially when its hot!
We offer a wide variety of methods for taking your next alligator. From hanging baits on line, to spot & stalking with a bow! The best part, you don’t have to bring anything, but yourself! All equipment is provided! Safety is of our biggest concern, all local, state, and federal laws and regulations will be followed.
Contact us for a Texas combined hunting package and corporate rates and packages. We are 1 hour south of Houston.

Prices per alligator:         

                           $2300 per gator, no trophy fees * 



 !The Whole alligator is yours!                            

*Price includes lodging.

**Meals not included.

***License not included.

Texas Alligator Hunting
American alligator gator
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